Wednesday, March 30


My aunt and uncle are starting P90X this week.
I can't wait to see how much better I look for my after picture in 90 days!

Friday, March 11

My face

My make-up/skin care dilemma is up The Coterie Blog.
Check it out here,
and then give me your advice!!

Friday, March 4


I think I must be a sissy-pants
but ever since I got pregnant, I pretty much sleep when Carter does.

Which leaves basically zero time to do all my pregnancy-induced projects.
And even less time to blog about them.

Like now, I'm about 10 minutes late for my nap.
Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, March 3


It's March, so I'm reading The Book of Mormon this month.
(I read it every March.)

This year though I made a new goal to read it every 2 months.
I just finished and started all over again.

I always love reading it in March,
but it is 1,000X better having just read it.

I'm learning about gratitude and miracles and faith.

And hopefully becoming a better person.