Friday, January 28

How to be a mediocre blogger...

Or maybe even pathetic (at no extra charge)

Start a new blog with high hopes and the best of intentions.
Blog religiously for a few months, even write preset posts when you go on vacation.

Get sick, lazy and apathetic.
Stop writing, except an occasional update about your bodily functions.

Lose your camera so you can't post pictures.
Find the camera and realize you still don't have the battery charger,
and so all you really have is a little message telling you to "change battery pack."

Debate in your head nearly everyday if it is even worth starting again;
or if it would just be too humiliating.

Find yourself thinking in blog post format from time to time; 
framing stories in your mind to share with the www.

Decide to give it a go.

Tuesday, January 4

Happy Halloween & A Happy New Year

My sister in law begged and begged for a Halloween picture for the family calendar.
So I finally uploaded a few pictures.
I present to you a lumberjack/ax murderer and his zombie parents come back to haunt him.