Friday, February 24

Why you should get off the computer

You do it, I know you do.  
We all do.  
"Pin" things with the intention to do them someday.  
Come to think of it, I even have a board called "To do someday."  
Well, if you've pinned this....

then "someday" really ought to be this one.

Megan and I just made them while Carter is napping.  And I'm thinking I'll let Carter help me roll them in balls when he wakes up.  If there is anything left when he wakes up.  They are so yummy.

A few notes...
I used natural PB and raw honey and they were a little bit hard to mix, so I had to do it with my hands.
I used sweetened coconut flakes and I think it might be better with unsweetened.  But I have tons of sweetened left over from my wedding.  That's right, I said my wedding, in 2007. 
It's about time I found a recipe to use it.
Megan can't eat honey yet and I'm not sure I want her eating PB so I'm gonna go make a batch with almond butter and maple syrup.

Seriously, get off the computer and go make some.
Right now.

****post update****
The almond butter/maple syrup version is now in the fridge.
It might be even better.
I may or may not have eaten it with a spoon.

*****another update*****
Just made another batch during naptime.
With PB and maple syrup.
I'm eating it with a spoon without bothering to refrigerate.
I'm hunting and pecking on my keyboard right now because my fingers are sticky.
Obsess much?

Monday, February 20

Easy, cheap, and practically vegan taco salad

This is not a recipe.
It's quite laughable that I'm actually about to post this.

But it's one of my favorite meals lately.
And on the off chance it never occurred to you to try it,
I'm gonna share.

Open a can of refried beans
Add a few shakes of taco seasoning
Add some chopped up lettuce
 Eat, using chips as utensils

A few notes...
My taco seasoning has whey, that's why I called it practically vegan.
Obviously you could add more steps like tomato, salsa, avocado, cheese, sour cream or whatever.
But then it wouldn't be so lazy easy and cheap.
I keep lettuce chopped up and ready to go.
I'm much more likely to eat it that way.
I put the refried beans in a tupperware so whatever I don't eat goes straight to the fridge for next time.

Megan loved the chips covered in beans.
She wasn't sure what to do with the lettuce.
(She still has no teeth!)
But mostly she loved fingerpainting with her smoothie.

Thursday, February 9

Fresh Meat

I haven't been eating much meat lately.  
And then I watched a documentary and a cow got killed.  

I am such a sissy pants.  

And now I'm eating no meat. 
I'm not saying you should do the same.  Not at all. 
I just thought this video was hysterical.

Monday, February 6

The suck

I wrote this post on my secret blog. 
The one that no ones reads but me. 
But today I want to share it.

I  know that it isn't all or nothing.  Life isn't either peaches and cream or else "the suck."  But it sure does feel like it sometimes.

It's like I think I have it all figured out.  I have all the answers.  Not necessarily that everything is perfect, but that I have the tools to make everything okay.  And then something happens and I get completely knocked off my rocker.  And suddenly life is  "the suck" again.

Sidenote: I don't know why I'm calling it "the suck."  I don't say that.  Somehow that seems like the appropriate thing to call it.

And just as easily I think something small and insignificant can make it all better.

I think it's because I do it wrong.  Like what Isaiah said....
(or at least what I understood from what he said.)

 Behold all ye that kindle fire, that compass yourselves about with sparks, walk in the light of your fire and in the sparks which ye have kindled. This shall ye have of mine hand—ye shall lie down in sorrow.

So I try to make my own light.  My own happiness.  Do it my way.  And it seems like peaches and cream.  And then crap happens and I lay down in sorrow.

But no one who does it the right way walks in darkness and has no light.

It's sort of like yoga.  (But what isn't?)  I can use momentum and swing my body into a pose and think I am a rock star.  And the next day my muscles ache from doing something they weren't ready to do.  Or I can use my bandhas and move slowly and purposefully.  Doing it this way makes it look like I'm not as far along.  But it shows where I really am.

So where am I?  And what is the right way? 


There is so much to do.  I need to decide what is most important to me.  I need to decide what I really WANT to do.  Not what I think I need to do.

Friday, February 3


 I got new plates for Christmas.  
White and square just like the cooking shows.

So naturally Li and I had a Chopped competition.  
The taste of our guacamole has already been judged, 
but will you please vote on who did a better job with presentation?

Number 1


Number 2


Number 3

Megan's not actually in the competition.  
But I love the way she won't eat unless she can do it herself.
In theory I would love to keep things clean while teaching my little humans how to eat.

But I have to admit,
I smiled inside when she reached out and grabbed the avocado 
I was spoon feeding her.

That's my girl.