Tuesday, April 26


I don't like to paint when I'm pregnant, it makes me nervous.
Unfortunately for Li, when I'm pregnant is pretty much the only time I think things need painting.

Like how I decided last week that we NEEDED a chalkboard wall in the dining room.
And once the idea took root it couldn't happen fast enough.
I couldn't wait 1 day to go buy the paint.
(Which happened to be on sale the day I went to get it, furthering the idea in my mind that we really NEEDED this wall.)

I taped and Li patiently indulged me with 2 generous coats of paint.
Yesterday I rubbed the side of a piece of chalk all over the whole thing and erased like MAD to "prime" the surface.
(Which I'm only slightly embarrassed to admit was BY FAR the hardest workout I've had in months and nearly sent me into labor...it was really hard!)

Here she is in all her glory....
 I love it!
(Carter does too, but once I got the camera out he wanted to cheese instead of color.)

And yes, our dining room floor is now red.
I told you Li's been doing a lot of painting.

Monday, April 25

Do over.

I guess I should have been more specific.

The post below was a link to here,
where you'll find a video.

I watched it and had no words to describe,
I just wanted to share.


Friday, April 22


I've been feeling fat these days.
And lazy.
Much fatter than necessary.

Tonight Li came home with this...

and now I can't get this song out of my head.

Thursday, April 21

Omega 3s?

Carter made fish for dinner.
(No worse than the fruit snacks and caramel apple dip I tried to pass off as a meal.)

Tuesday, April 19


I am: 
37 weeks
at least 3 cm
having fun buying/making girly clothes
excited/nervous to meet this new creature
still looking for my camera charger.

Wednesday, April 13


We're all getting ready for the baby over here in our own special ways.

Carter watches Babies (the documentary) almost every day. 
He tries to share his apple juice with the baby, and rubs my tummy while saying, "Get out."

Li got his Tdap shot yesterday.  And you should get yours too.  I'm not being paranoid, I know the chances are extremely small that my child will be exposed to pertussis.  Last year in California there were at least 10 pertussis-related infant deaths, enough to declare an epidemic, but still a small number percentage wise.  But why should there be even one?  And what if that one was yours?  Read about Natalie's here.

And me?  Well, thanks to a free trial of Netflix, Prisonbreak has replaced all nesting activities around here.  Let's be honest, it's replaced ALL activity around here.  Now I wake up in the night thinking that secret service men are coming to get me, instead of thinking I have to save the world one gallon of paint at a time.  Surprisingly the secret service men are much less stressful!!