Monday, January 9


I made a to do list on Saturday.  Not Saturday like two days ago.  Saturday like a week and two days ago.  If I actually finish writing this and get it posted I will finish my list.  All except get Carter's hair cut.  Whatever.  He's bringing sexy mullets back.  It was supposed to be a to do list for the day, not the next 10.  Whoops.

Which brings me to New Year's Resolutions.  I didn't make one.  Instead I invented "Operation Ducks in a Row."  Oh wait, I decided to rename it to "Straighten the Ducks."  Getting them all in a row seemed a bit ambitious.  I'm going to aim for less crooked.  Basically it goes down like this....  I want another baby pretty soon.  But my house and my brain and my life look like this.

I don't like it one bit. 

Carter keeps asking me adorable things like, "Mama wanna play trains?"  And I say, "Yes in just one minute but first I have to ________."  Only there are so many things I need to do before I can play trains that he's gonna be 45 before I fill in all the blanks. 

I'm working at a feverish pace to knock out as many projects as I can in the first part of the year.  Which I figure is the perfect New Year's Resolution because people normally do really well at the first part of the year and then they suck.  And that's my plan.  To do really well at the start and then suck.  And by suck I mean play trains and watch VeggieTales and ride bikes and fingerpaint.