Friday, February 24

Why you should get off the computer

You do it, I know you do.  
We all do.  
"Pin" things with the intention to do them someday.  
Come to think of it, I even have a board called "To do someday."  
Well, if you've pinned this....

then "someday" really ought to be this one.

Megan and I just made them while Carter is napping.  And I'm thinking I'll let Carter help me roll them in balls when he wakes up.  If there is anything left when he wakes up.  They are so yummy.

A few notes...
I used natural PB and raw honey and they were a little bit hard to mix, so I had to do it with my hands.
I used sweetened coconut flakes and I think it might be better with unsweetened.  But I have tons of sweetened left over from my wedding.  That's right, I said my wedding, in 2007. 
It's about time I found a recipe to use it.
Megan can't eat honey yet and I'm not sure I want her eating PB so I'm gonna go make a batch with almond butter and maple syrup.

Seriously, get off the computer and go make some.
Right now.

****post update****
The almond butter/maple syrup version is now in the fridge.
It might be even better.
I may or may not have eaten it with a spoon.

*****another update*****
Just made another batch during naptime.
With PB and maple syrup.
I'm eating it with a spoon without bothering to refrigerate.
I'm hunting and pecking on my keyboard right now because my fingers are sticky.
Obsess much?


Melissa said...

Oooo, both versions sound delicious! I will try them. But not right now, if that's ok with you. I'm eating lunch and then I'm off to a dr appt and track practice. Am I excused?

jen said...

Track practice! Fun. You're excused as long as I'm excused for being a lazy bum.